After Texas abortion ruling, AOC, left-wing [sic] Democrats renew push to pack SCOTUS

Source: Fox News

“Democrats are reiterating their calls to pack the Supreme Court, demanding action after the court declined to halt Texas'[s] controversial abortion law on Wednesday. ‘Republicans promised to overturn Roe v Wade, and they have,’ tweeted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. ‘Democrats can either abolish the filibuster and expand the court, or do nothing as millions of peoples’ bodies, rights, and lives are sacrificed for far-right minority rule. This shouldn’t be a difficult decision.’ The Supreme Court did not actually overturn Roe v. Wade. By rejecting the procedural challenge to Texas'[s] law, it effectively allowed the state to at least temporarily bypass Roe’s limits on abortion bans. The law prevents abortions after a heartbeat can be detected — often considered to take place at five to six weeks of gestational age.” (09/02/21)