Kamala Harris has accomplished the rare feat of being invisible and unpopular

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“So it’s been really hard to gauge the vice president’s performance during this Afghanistan fiasco. Mainly because she’s been harder to find than a non-binary Taliban leader, which basically means he sleeps with both women and goats. It’s almost like she was abducted by aliens! And not the ones pouring across our southern border. And honestly, I am starting to miss her. Her gravitas. Her sincerity. Her compassion towards looters and arsonists. But also, I really miss, her soothing laugh. True, I’ve been going thru cackle withdrawal. But I’ve been making do, with this. [clip of Cesar Romero as The Joker laughing] … True: we’d have more luck finding Cesar Romero at a laundromat in Queens, than finding Kamala anywhere. Guess that means it’s time for: In Search of Kamala Harris.” (09/02/21)