Biden Is A Dirtbag Who’s Always Exploited Tragedy

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“Joe Biden’s son Beau is dead. Did you know that? His first wife also died, as did his infant daughter, back in the 1970s. Have you heard that story? If you’ve been alive in the last 50 years and have at least one good ear, the odds of you hearing about Biden’s loss are higher than the odds of an American being successfully evacuated from Afghanistan after Joe abandoned you there. I’d never tell anyone how to grieve, but Joe Biden doesn’t grieve so much as exploit the deaths that touched his life, and it’s pretty gross. There is no doubt that Joe Biden has suffered loss in his life. … But … [t]here’s a fine line behind grieving and exploiting the sympathy that grief elicits. Joe Biden has always lived on the exploitation side of that line.” (09/02/21)