Biden Booster Plan Seen Facing Resistance From CDC Panel, FDA

Source: Bloomberg

“Medical experts who advise U.S. regulators on vaccines are chafing at what they perceive as political interference in the review process by the Biden administration. Last month, the White House announced plans to begin distributing Covid-19 booster shots to Americans Sept. 20. However, the effort still needs the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to sign off. Members of a key panel that advises the CDC on vaccines have pushed back consideration of the plan to mid-September and said this week they were concerned that politics was getting ahead of the process. … The plan is for people to get boosters eight months after their second shots of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, which would put older people and health workers first in line. That would also defer boosters for younger, healthier adults — and debate over whether they should get them — by months.” (09/02/21)