The World Deserves the Truth on COVID’s Origins

Source: American Consequences
by Trish Regan

“At present, there is a bipartisan effort to demand accountability [sic] from China. House Democrats and Republicans have come together for two bipartisan bills. The first, introduced by five Democrats and five Republicans, is called the ‘Made in America Emergency Preparedness Act,’ and it would establish a 9/11-style commission to investigate how the pandemic began. The second bill would enable families of COVID-19 victims to sue China (or any other country) that ‘intentionally misled the international community on the outbreak.’ Named the ‘Never Again International Outbreak Prevention Act,’ it would strip China of its sovereign immunity. Meanwhile, the Senate unanimously approved a measure requiring the federal government to declassify intelligence on the origins of COVID-19. And President Biden recently ordered all U.S. spy agencies to get to work and report back in 90 days on any findings of how the virus started.” (06/03/21)