Where Is the Science or Logic Behind Mandated Vaccines?

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Michael Betrus

“If vaccine mandates were a logical requirement, the vaccines should have irrefutable data support that they suppress infections, spread, the need to wear face masks (mandates are back in many places for the vaccinated) — in short to do what other vaccines have accomplished. Below is a chart (provided by @ianmsc) showing San Francisco’s trend of those vaccinated and COVID-19 hospitalizations. San Francisco is one of the most compliant large communities in the U.S., following guidelines like wearing masks, getting vaccinated, social distancing and other mitigations when they were required or recommended. While doing so, they are at the same number of raw COVID-19 hospitalizations they were at a year ago, that with close to 90% of the over-eighteen population vaccinated.” (09/01/21)