Big Tobacco Outmaneuvers the FDA on Flavored Nicotine Products

Source: The American Prospect
by Jack Styler

“In mid-January, Black community leaders and public-health advocates pushed a casket painted to look like a pack of cigarettes through the streets of the nation’s capital. In front of the White House, the procession turned into a rally: Faith leaders, poets, and activists gave speeches to a cheering crowd. The protest’s purpose was to celebrate the death of menthol-flavored cigarettes. But menthol isn’t dead yet. In December, the Biden administration backed off its plan to ban menthol cigarettes, reneging on a pledge it made in 2022. The decision marks a win for Big Tobacco, which has aggressively lobbied against menthol bans and challenged them in court. Menthol is the last frontier for flavored tobacco products. The 2009 Tobacco Control Act barred the sale of all flavored tobacco except menthol. Since then, anti-smoking advocates have been engaged in a yearslong battle to ban the additive.” (02/12/24)