Another Normal Day of Killing and Mayhem in the US Empire

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Pentagon officials are celebrating the fact that American warplanes recently destroyed more than 80 ‘targets’ in Syria and Iraq. … According to the New York Times, ‘Syria and Iraq have said that at least 39 people — 23 in Syria and 16 in Iraq — were killed in the Friday strikes, a toll that the Iraqi government said included civilians.’ The Pentagon’s strikes were in retaliation for drone attacks by ‘Iran-backed militias’ on a U.S. imperial base in the northeastern part of Jordan …. It’s not certain that the people killed in the U.S. military strikes in Syria and Iraq were the same people who carried out the drone strikes on the U.S. imperial base in Jordan. But that doesn’t matter, at least not to the Pentagon. All that matters is that the military targets in Syria and Iraq were ‘Iran-backed’ militias.” (02/12/24)