Biden’s Bizarre “Shrinkflation” Nonsense

Source: Reason
by Eric Boehm

“When President Joe Biden was running for office in 2020, he explicitly promised that putting him in the White House would mean that ‘you’ll actually see your standard of living go up and your costs go down.’ That, uh, hasn’t happened. … You might expect the president, now that he’s in the middle of a re-election campaign, to try to avoid anything to do with that topic. Don’t remind voters of how rough the past few years have been, focus on the future, talk about the positive signals coming from the economy, and above all else don’t make yourself look like an old man yelling at a cloud. In short, don’t do this: ‘While you were Super Bowl shopping, did you notice smaller-than-usual products where the price stays the same? Folks are calling it Shrinkflation and it means companies are giving you less for every dollar you spend.'” (02/12/24)