Chaos at the End of History

Source: Quillette
by Matt Johnson

“Fukuyama’s The End of History and the Last Man is often regarded as the definitive example of post-Cold War hubris in the West. His critics argue that the book failed to anticipate a long list of ideological clashes and upheavals: September 11, populist authoritarianism in the US and Europe, the invasion of Ukraine, and the rise of aggressive Chinese nationalism. Many of these critics haven’t read the book or the essay that preceded it, or they would know that Fukuyama fully expected wars, demagogues, aggressive dictators, and political crises to continue filling the pages of the newspapers. His central argument was that capitalist liberal democracy has proven to be the most durable political and economic system — an argument that’s every bit as compelling today as it was 30 years ago.” (02/12/24)