Letter from ThinkTankLand: Foreign Influence in American Politics

Source: Antiwar.com
by James Carden

“The odious ritual whereby representatives of foreign governments travel to Washington to tell us our business has become so routine it hardly even registers. And, down the years, hosting such rituals has become a (if not the) primary function of Washington’s think tanks which, also to no one’s surprise, draws millions and millions in funding from these very same governments. … There is, of course, another role the so-called Think Tanks play in Washington, namely, message control. Perhaps the first to really draw out the ramifications of this particular role the think tanks play was the philosopher Hannah Arendt. In a furious critique of the Washington power-structure occasioned by the publication of the Pentagon Papers, Arendt uncovered the process of self-deception that enabled American policymakers to lie to themselves (and the country) over what was actually happening in Vietnam.” (02/12/24)