COVID Vaccine Injuries Deserve a Day in Court

Source: Reason
by Christian Britschgi

“Typically, someone who’s been injured by a product, medical or otherwise, would be within his rights to sue the manufacturer in a state court. Since the 1980s, federal liability protections prevent people from suing vaccine makers. But under the decades-old National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), people claiming an injury from a non-COVID vaccine are given an alternative to standard civil litigation. Injured patients instead sue the federal government in special vaccine courts …. The CICP is nothing like this. The program has its origins in a piece of war on terror legislation intended to create liability protections for makers of novel, emergency countermeasures to bioweapon attacks and the like. It’s an administrative process, meaning patients’ claims are decided by a federal bureaucrat, not a neutral judge.” (02/12/24)