What the Hell is Wrong with the Democrats?

Source: Looking Left
by Damon Linker

“The Democratic Party … appears to be stuck in a self-destructive contradiction, combining paralyzing risk aversion (We can’t change horses in mid-stream! It’ll be chaos!) with unjustified arrogance (Republicans are such morons to nominate Trump-the-loser again! That plus Dobbs means we’re golden! We’re so likely to prevail, you might as well ignore the polls!) I’d wager it’s that unstable mixture of emotional responses that produces the kind of unseemly displays we’ve seen since last Thursday, with just about everyone on the center-left pretending everything would be perfectly fine and dandy with the Biden campaign if only the Special Counsel hadn’t played his dirty tricks and the insufficiently anti-Trump media hadn’t conspired with him to amplify the dishonest insinuations. … Democrats always find a Diabolus ex Machina to blame for failure: If it’s not Vladimir Putin, it’s Robert Hur. Anyone but those making inexplicably bad decisions in the Democratic Party.” (02/12/24)