Sympathy for the Shia Militias

Source: exile in happy valley
by Nicky Reid

“Quick hypothetical: Let’s say that you are a member of a disenfranchised global minority, and some pompous foreign superpower is building bases all over your ancestral homeland, a homeland which they have spent decades bombing to smithereens. Then let’s say that this same superpower decided to use these bastard bases to annihilate another disenfranchised global minority. Under such extraordinary circumstances don’t you think that the rational and moral response that you and your kin might take is to gather whatever arms you have available and confront these hostile invaders? Don’t you think that under such extreme and extenuating circumstances that you might accept weapons from pretty much anyone willing to provide them? And would doing any of these things make you or your neighbors the ‘terrorists’ in this scenario?” (02/12/24)