Robot Nags

Source: David Friedman’s Substack
by David Friedman

“I recently got a Pixel 2 smart watch. From time to time, possibly every hour, it beeps to tell me how many more steps I need to take; I have not yet found a way of getting it to stop doing that. I did find a way of getting it to stop insisting on my putting in my password every hour or two — by entirely removing the password protection, after which it tells me I can no longer use the watch to make payments. Which I wasn’t doing. … Sometimes when I open the Kindle program on my cell phone there are words of praise for how much I have read recently. I never instructed it to praise me for reading; I don’t read for the purpose of being praised. I have not found any way to stop it. … When I raised the issue of robot nags online, I got lots of other examples …” (02/09/24)