The truth about Vladimir Putin? He’s boring

Source: spiked
by Brendan O’Neill

“The best thing about the Tucker-Putin chat is that it has revealed a little appreciated truth about Vladimir Putin – he’s boring. This is not to detract from the regional threat he poses, as best illustrated by his criminal and bloody assault on Ukraine. But it is clear now, or it ought to be, that he is neither an all-powerful demonic figure nor a whipsmart cultural warrior from whom Western conservatives might learn a thing or two. He is not a flesh-and-blood reincarnation of the old ‘evil’ Ruskie empire, as fantasised by some on the old right who desperately miss the Cold War and the moral clarity it gifted to the West’s capitalist classes. And he’s not the God-fearin’, horse-riding crusader against woke that the newer right long for him to be. He’s a bore. A dangerous bore, but a bore nonetheless.” (02/09/24)