The Right’s Troubling Turn Toward Conspiracy Theories and “Invasion” Language

Source: The UnPopulist
by Berny Belvedere & Shikha Dalmia

“Vivek Ramaswamy, Jack Posobiec, and Benny Johnson — who collectively boast 6.5 million followers on X alone — insisted to their audiences that Taylor Swift is a White House psy-op to ensure Biden gets re-elected. Why did they and others go full Tinfoil Mode here? … First, it all starts with the fact that there is great demand for conspiratorial analysis on the right. Whereas in the past, unhinged conspiracists like Alex Jones lived on the margins of right-wing discourse, they’re mainstream now. Right-wing audiences have increasingly sent signals to their preferred information dispensers that not only will they not punish them for peddling conspiracy theories, they will actively reward them with clicks, follows, and subscriptions. Second, to meet this demand, the right’s misinformation merchants have developed conspiratorial frames flexible enough to allow any current event, anything in the news, to potentially serve as ‘evidence’ for their claims.” (02/09/24)