Occupied Ireland: New first minister says Hamas will be “future partner for peace”

Source: Fox News

“Michelle O’Neill, the recently elected First Minister of [UK-occupied] Ireland, said on Thursday that Hamas would eventually be regarded as the ‘future partner for peace’ in the Middle East. In an interview on Tonight with Andrew Marr on British broadcaster, LBC, O’Neill stressed the importance of communication, comparing the ongoing Israel-Hamas war to ongoing peace talks within Northern Ireland. In the interview, Marr asked her if the terrorist organization Hamas would ‘eventually’ become regarded as a ‘partner for peace.’ ‘A long time ago the [Irish Republican Army] IRA was seen as a terrorist organization. The British Government and everybody else could not ever talk to them,’ Marr said. ‘Do you think that Hamas, although regarded as a terror organization by many people around the world, is going to eventually have to be a partner for peace?'” (02/11/24)