Only People As Senile As Joe Biden Is Can’t See How Senile Joe Biden Is

Source: Town Hall
by Derek Hunter

“You’d have to be as senile as Joe Biden is not to realize just how senile Joe Biden is. The man can’t remember which world leaders are alive and which are dead. His staff could put JFK on his calendar, and he’d get excited and dressed up. When the report came out this week calling him an “elderly man with a poor memory,” there was shock on the left, then about 20 minutes of honest analysis about the implications of that. Then it shifted. The outrage moved to the fact that anyone would dare report such a thing and that the Attorney General would allow it to be written in an official report. What no one did was deny it. A few commentators tried to downplay it, but no one in the media insisted the President was even as sharp as a butter knife.” (02/11/24)