Old man Biden’s only chance of winning now is just putting Trump down

Source: New York Post
by Michael Goodwin

“The thunderous, blind rage with which Democrats and their media stooges are greeting the special counsel report on Joe Biden is a thing to behold. With apologies to Jack Nicholson and ‘A Few Good Men’, they can’t handle the truth. It’s as if Dems and their handmaidens really believed Biden was fit for duty, that the stumbling, mumbling, confusion and hiding were normal. And now they are wild with fury because they’ve been embarrassed by the revelation of explosive facts they should have known. That’s a possible explanation, but not the likely one. A more reasonable view is that their fury stems from the fact that they, too, were part of a great con job, and their dirty little secret has been exposed by the devastating portrait of the president in special counsel Robert Hur’s report.” (02/10/24)