Biden’s Unqualified Aid to Israel Could Hand Trump the Presidency

Source: Common Dreams
by Miles Mogulescu

“The unpopularity of President Joe Biden’s Israel-Gaza policy among Arab Americans, African Americans, and young people could well flip the electoral vote to hand former President Donald Trump the 2024 election. A few tens of thousands of these voters in a handful of swing states who likely would have voted for Biden but vote for Trump, a third party, or just stay home could well be enough for Trump to win the presidency legally. As I recently wrote, the 2024 presidential election is likely to be decided by less than 100,000 voters in three of six swing states. … in 2016 Trump won the electoral vote and the presidency by an aggregate of 77,744 votes in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The electoral vote in 2024 is likely to be similarly close.” (02/10/24)