Blowing the Door Off Boeing’s “Epstein Deal”

Source: The American Prospect
by Maureen Tkacik

“Late on the evening of January 7, 2021, beneath 20 headlines on the Capitol Riot and another five on the COVID-19 pandemic, a story appeared on the Washington Post website announcing that the Justice Department had closed its investigation into Boeing’s development and subsequent cover-ups of the deadly self-hijacking software that crashed two brand-new 737 MAX 8 jets three years earlier. Family members of the 346 people who died and aviation geeks were universally flabbergasted by the terms of the deferred prosecution agreement (DPA), which let Boeing off with a $244 million fine and what amounted to three years’ probation. (The DOJ press release attempted to take credit for another $2.27 billion in payments Boeing would make to its customers and families of the crash victims, as though those parties’ own lawyers hadn’t been toiling for years to get those payments.)” (02/09/24)