Has Biden Completely Lost Michigan? Voters are “Uncommitted”

Source: The American Prospect
by Eman Abdelhadi & Layla Elabed

“More than 30 elected officials in Michigan have pledged to vote for ​’Uncommitted’ in the state’s upcoming presidential primary on February 27 — and are calling for voters to join the campaign and do the same — in what is a resounding rebuke of President Joe Biden’s support for the Israeli assault on Gaza. The ‘Vote Uncommitted’ campaign from the organization Listen To Michigan is also the latest sign that Biden is polling poorly in critical swing states like Michigan and signals the steep climb the incumbent has made for himself and the Democratic Party in their effort to defeat Trump in November. ‘The ongoing tragedy in Gaza is an affront to our shared humanity. Nearly 30,000 Palestinians have been massacred by the Israeli government, and more than two million have been displaced,’ read a statement from Listen To Michigan that was addressed to ​’Fellow Michiganders.'” (02/08/24)