The Casualties Of Peace

Source: The American Conservative
by Declan Leary

“Charles C.W. Cooke, senior writer at National Review, responded to suggestions that military leaders responsible for the carnage in Kabul, such as Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley, should step down, asking, ‘Why Would Anyone Other Than President Biden Resign?’ As Cooke sees it, because the commander-in-chief made the decision to bring American troops home, he and only he is responsible for how his intention was carried out by the military’s leaders. … The problem here was not the decision, which was long overdue, but the execution. And for that Joe Biden, a more-or-less-senile party hack from Delaware with no military experience or expertise, can only be expected to rely on his advisors and officers. Pity, then, that his advisors and most senior officers are incompetent hacks as well.” (09/01/21)