MAGA Attacks America’s Sweetheart. Why Not Football, Too?

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Froma Harrop

“There’s always some pre-game Superbowl story. This year the MAGA Republicans have provided it. And they’ve gone way beyond their lunatic call of duty by accusing America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, of diabolical cunning for urging her fans to vote. And for extra measure, they are attacking the National League Football, as well, for something to do with the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end, Travis Kelce, being her guy. The campaign on the right is accusing Swift of underhanded conduct for supporting Joe Biden and Biden for letting her. Ah, so Biden is politicking? Guilty as charged. The usual suspects are trying to gussy up this cuckoo argument by calling it a ‘psyops’ trick. Jesse Watters is not overburdened with intellectual integrity, but even he tiptoed around the psyops thing.” (02/08/24)