Disney Has the Right to Not Want to Work With Gina Carano

Source: The Daily Beast
by Nicholas Sheppard

“Disney — once the very embodiment of American capitalism and schmaltzy, sentimental mainstream entertainment — is beset with hypocrisy, cynicism, and prissy ideology; but it is nonetheless a private business, and has the right to be hypocritical, sanctimonious, and cynical, and make decisions as it sees fit, to uphold whatever threadbare value system it has, and to look after its interests. … Americans have a constitutional right to free speech, but that comes with an implicit understanding that you might have to modulate the tone of your free speech in certain ways to keep from alienating your employer. You cannot, for example, shill for a rival brand to the company you work for. There are non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to prevent criticism and leaks. And it’s not going to fly if you’re advocating for fossil fuels while you’re working for a sustainability firm.” (02/07/24)