The Very Idea of “Race” Is Pseudoscience, But It Persists to Keep Workers Divided

Source: Common Dreams
by Les Leopold

“In 1919, more than 350,000 steelworkers went on strike to secure an eight-hour work day. They were crushed by employers who used thugs, government injunctions, and troops to defeat them. The industry also relied heavily on ethnic divisions to undermine the union, a tactic that worked for the next 25 years. … As we enter Black History Month, it is important to understand how management race science was developed to divide and conquer the workforce as it struggled against long odds to form labor unions. Within a few years of the 1919 steel strike, race pseudoscientists had developed racial hierarchies to delineate who was fit, by birth, to do different kinds of jobs. The goal was to isolate individual workers from the larger group of workers in order to undermine solidarity.” (02/07/24)