Elizabeth Warren’s “Shrinkflation” Rant Is an Incredible Exercise in Blame-Shifting

Source: Reason
by Christian Britschgi

“Do you hate it when the big bag of chips you bought turns out to contain mostly air inside? Well, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D–Mass.) does, and she’s crusading to end this injustice. In a series of tweets and videos over the past few days, Warren has come out swinging against the ‘shrinkflation’ of Doritos, Oreos, and other store-bought products whose sizes have shrunk even as their prices remain the same. ‘These big corporations are shrinking how much they give us, but they’re charging the same amount or sometimes even more.’ … Warren’s rant about shrinking Oreo packages is just the senator’s way of adding a conspiratorial gloss to the painfully obvious effects of decades-high inflation the country’s lived through during and after the pandemic. … If the senator is looking for someone to blame for shrinking cookie packages, she need only look in the mirror.” (02/07/24)