Data: US Does More Trade With Mexico In 2023 Than Any Nation Ever

Source: Forbes

“Mexico did more trade with the United States in 2023 than any nation previously, according to U.S. trade data released today. U.S. trade fell slightly 3.85% in 2023, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. The $5.1 trillion total remains the second-greatest total on record, trailing only the $5.3 trillion total in 2022. In addition to a new top trade partner, the nation has a new top port, a new leading export and a new leading import. Port Laredo finished as the nation’s top port for the first time on the strength of its trade with Mexico, which replaced Canada as the nation’s top trade partner after two years. The top U.S. export for the first time was oil, which replaced gasoline and other refined petroleum products. The top import was passenger vehicles, replacing oil.” (02/07/24)