AZ: FBI examining $100 million tax refund push by Ducey staffers

Source: USA Today

“The FBI’s Public Corruption unit is investigating efforts by Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s past and current staffers — including one who is now a federal judge — to push for a closed-door deal to issue tax refunds worth as much as $100 million to aid one of Ducey’s campaign supporters. Grant Nulle, former deputy director at the Department of Revenue, said an FBI agent contacted him in mid-July, shortly after an Arizona Republic and USA TODAY investigation uncovered how the Ducey administration had pushed the department to agree to refund sales taxes on fuel for mining companies, even though that tax had been in place for decades. The companies that stood to benefit were represented by Texas tax firm Ryan LLC, founded by Ducey supporter G. Brint Ryan. The top three deputies in Ducey’s administration left their government jobs and went to work for Ryan to push for the tax refund.” (08/31/21)