Report: Key bolts appeared to be missing from Boeing jet’s door that flew off midair

Source: New York Post

“A door panel that flew off a Boeing 737 MAX 9 jet mid-flight on Jan. 5 appeared to be missing four key bolts, according to an initial report by a U.S. safety board investigating the incident. “The investigation continues to determine what manufacturing documents were used to authorize the opening and closing of the plug during the rivet rework,’ the report said. Until now, the NTSB had not said what caused the panel to rip off an Alaska Airlines-operated jet as the plane climbed to 16,000 feet after taking off from Portland, Oregon. … Photo evidence released Tuesday shows bolts were missing from the door plug, which had been removed to fix rivets that were damaged in the production process, according to the independent U.S. National Transportation Safety Board report.” (02/06/24)