Authoritarianism From the Left [sic]

Source: Tom Klingenstein
by Michael Anton

“One of the nice things about a core curriculum (sadly disappearing from most of higher education) is that it forces you to read books you would otherwise have skipped. … Sigmund Freud is not a writer I would have picked up had he not been assigned. But I’m glad he was. The older I get, and the more of the Left [sic] I see, the more useful becomes Freud’s concept of ‘projection,’ an unconscious defense mechanism that protects the ego from guilt or anxiety. It has amazing explanatory power and can help one make sense of a trove of recent books by left-wing [sic] writers, and one disgruntled former conservative, that blame Donald Trump for ‘authoritarianism’ in American politics.” [This essay was originally published in the Summer 2018 issue of the Claremont Review of Books under the title “Will the Real Authoritarian Please Stand Up?”] (02/06/24)