Cancun Ted Cruz wants to make politicians a privileged caste at airports

by James Bovard

“Texans elected Ted Cruz to the US Senate a dozen years ago after he promised to abolish the Transportation Security Administration. Cruz has ‘grown’ in office. Instead of seeking to ax the TSA, Cruz is pushing an amendment to compel it to treat members of Congress like royalty and protect them from riffraff at airports. The Cruz measure would provide ‘lawmakers a dedicated security escort at airports, along with expedited screening outside of public view,’ Politico reports. Cruz was ridiculed in 2021 after he was photographed in the airport escaping to Cancun while fellow Texans were suffering massive power outages due to a winter storm. Cruz’s bill should be called the No More Mockery for Poohbahs Act. TSA already gives members of Congress ‘Get out of grope free’ cards to avoid checkpoint hassles. How did that exemption to “equal treatment under the law” occur?” (02/05/24)