US House committee advances Mayorkas impeachment to full chamber

Source: Fox News

“The Republican-led House Rules Committee on Monday voted 8-4 to send an impeachment case against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the full chamber for a vote. A vote on the articles of impeachment in the House – which Republicans hold by a slim margin – could come as early as Tuesday. The resolution affirms that Mayorkas ‘has willfully and systematically refused to comply with Federal immigration laws [sic]’ by having repeatedly violated laws [sic] enacted by Congress regarding immigration and border security during his tenure. If the vote goes through, Mayorkas would be the first Cabinet official impeached in nearly 150 years.” [editor’s note: The US Constitution forbids Congress to pass immigration laws; per Madison v. Marbury, such “laws” are void – TLK] (02/05/24)