Interview: The Century of Milton Friedman

Source: The Nation
by Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins

“Milton Friedman is widely regarded as one of the most influential economists of the 20th century. He is known for his unbending support of free-market capitalism and the role he played in the neoliberal turn of the late 1970s and early ’80s, which culminated in the economic policies of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. For much of the late 20th century, Friedman was a celebrity intellectual; prior to this, he made his name based on his work on monetary theory, inflation, the negative income tax (an argument for a universal basic income), and the limits of government planning. Yet for the first three decades of his career, Friedman was regarded by many of his peers as a retrograde thinker: His conservative politics and thinking on money clashed with the Keynesian sensibilities of the early Cold War era.” (02/05/24)