Against Forgetting: Cleaning Out the Basement of My Life

Source: TomDispatch
by Frida Berrigan

“What’s in your basement? Mine is full of things I’ve mostly forgotten about — tools I bought for projects I never completed, long abandoned sports equipment, furniture I planned on refinishing ages ago, and unused cans of paint I thought I wanted when someone was giving them away. We’ve owned this house for nearly 12 years, since just weeks before our son was born. In all that time, I’ve regularly gone down there to do the laundry and store my things (which never seem to stop accumulating). And somehow, it went from being empty when we bought it to chock-a-block full today in a way that would make Marie Kondo’s perfect hair stand straight up. One day recently, I noticed two booklets attached by a screw with an outdated head to one of the beams under the basement stairs.” (02/04/24)