The Political Perils of Democrats’ Rose-Colored Glasses

Source: The American Prospect
by Stanley B Greenberg

“I am a big [delusional] fan of almost everything Paul Krugman writes, and I cheered his warnings that America didn’t need to be pushed into recession to cool inflation and his proposed policies to get it to a ‘soft landing’. But I worry now that both Krugman and President Biden will conclude that the success of the administration’s macroeconomic policies was also a success with ordinary Americans. It wasn’t, if you looked at how much they struggled financially in this inflationary era. Their rating the economy as ‘poor’ was not a dystopian view shaped by conservative media and politicians. It turns out that Krugman makes the same case against MAGA Republicans on immigration and crime. He is wrong there, too.” [editor’s note: This poor fellow needs to read more actual economists – SAT] (02/05/24)