War and Decline in a Time of Decadence

Source: Underthrow
by Max Borders

“President Biden is likely to get the U.S. embroiled in another war because he’s weak. America is weak. Whatever cognition is left in the dodderer is dedicated entirely to saving his dubious legacy. The operating notion is that great wars make great stories of great men who make great nations. You can dress it up in highfalutin theories of international relations. But the ugly truth is that the Warcons and Warprogs have been trading in this metanarrative for a long time. They pick fights and make villains out of weaker foes to delay the inevitable. The military-industrial complex salivates. Regime functionaries offer the president a chance to make something out of his fading story, a military campaign to rescue his presidential campaign. Despite already grotesque debt-fueled defense expenditures — the next war will prove nothing but American decadence and decline.” (02/05/24)