Is a New Korean War in the Offing?

Source: CounterPunch
by Gregory Elich

“In recent days, U.S. media have been proclaiming that North Korea plans to initiate military action against its neighbor to the south. An article by Robert L. Carlin and Siegfried S. Hecker, neither previously prone to making wild assertions, created quite a splash and set off a chain reaction of media fear-mongering. In Carlin’s and Hecker’s assessment, ‘[W]e believe that, like his grandfather in 1950, Kim Jong Un has made a strategic decision to go to war.’ … U.S. officials have stated that while they do not see ‘an imminent risk of a full-scale war on the Korean Peninsula,’ King Jong Un ‘could take some form of lethal military action against South Korea in the coming months after having shifted to a policy of open hostility.’ How do these sensationalist claims stack up against the evidence?” (02/05/24)