Exxon Knew!

Source: Adam Smith Institute
by Tim Worstall

“We’re seeing, around and about, an insistence that Exxon knew all about CO2 levels and so on back in the 1970s, even the 1960s. We’ll leave it to others to discuss more fully the implications of that, we just want to make the one apposite comment. So the allegation, claim, insistence, is that privately funded, within a corporation, science was more accurate and earlier by a couple of decades than publicly funded science and governments. We have got that right, yes? Therefore, when we look around today at who is predicting what for 40 and 50 years in the future we should be looking to what source? The publicly funded science and governments who have been late and wrong? Or the corporate estimates of the future that were early and right?” (02/04/24)