For MAGA, it’s the culture, stupid

Source: The Hill
by Bill Schneider

“Trump is a populist, and populism thrives on resentment. It comes in two varieties. Left-wing populism is economic; it’s driven by resentment of the rich. Right-wing populism is cultural; it’s driven by resentment of the educated elite. Both forms of populism are class-based, that is, concentrated among voters with lower incomes and lower education. Beginning in the 1930s, Democrats thrived on economic populism. The basic division in American politics used to be business versus labor. Republicans identified with business, Democrats with labor. The division was defined mostly by income (lower income Democrats, higher income Republicans). The realignment began in the 1960s, when the civil rights and antiwar movements took over the Democratic Party. The ‘diploma divide’ is now a defining feature of politics. College degree-holders are mostly Democrats, non-college white voters are mostly Republicans (and often MAGA supporters).” (02/03/24)