One way to address the wealth gap: Stop “MacGyvering” Social Security

Source: The Hill
by Geoffrey Sanzenbacher

“When I think about Social Security, I think about MacGyver. You know, the 1980s heartthrob who could defuse a bomb with a paperclip. (The show has even been rebooted) Bear with me. Time and time again, MacGyver would wait until the very last second to stave off disaster. With one second left on the clock, he would wiggle a wire, preventing some giant explosion. You know, sort of like how the U.S. treats the Social Security Trust Fund. The last amendments to the program to ensure its solvency were passed in April 1983, three months before its Trust Fund was to run out. Well, the clock is ticking again. … Right now, every financial services company seems to have a plan to lessen the racial wealth gap. But maybe we should … you know … fix the existing program that does so much to lessen the wealth gap.” (08/31/21)