IL: Regime hack reverses order violating mother’s rights over COVID-19 vaccination

Source: The Hill

“Cook County, Ill., Judge James Shapiro has restored Rebecca Firlit’s rights to see her 11-year-old son after previously revoking the privilege [sic] until she got vaccinated against the coronavirus. Shapiro earlier this month gave custody of Firlit’s son to her vaccinated ex-husband. The couple has been divorced for seven years and were previously sharing custody, according to the The Chicago Sun-Times. On Monday, however, the judge revoked his previous order that barred Firlit from seeing her son, according to the Sun-Times. … Her attorney, Annette Fernholz, previously told Fox 32 Chicago that Shapiro’s initial decision surpassed his authority. ‘In this case you have a judge, without any matter before him regarding the parenting time with the child deciding ‘Oh, you’re not vaccinated. You don’t get to see your child until you are vaccinated.’ That kind of exceeds his jurisdiction,’ she said.” (08/30/21)