Abortion service businesses ask SCOTUS to block Texas law

Source: CNN

“Lawyers for abortion clinics in Texas raced [sic] to the Supreme Court Monday, asking the justices to block a controversial law that bans abortions at six weeks and allows private citizens to bring civil suits against anyone who assists a pregnant person seeking an abortion in violation of the law. The law set to take effect on Wednesday is among the strictest in the nation …. The emergency application is the latest to come before the conservative [sic] court bolstered by the addition of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, asking the justices to act quickly without the benefit of a full briefing schedule and oral arguments on a highly divisive issue. … In the filing, abortion providers told the justices that if the law were allowed to go into effect it would ‘immediately and catastrophically reduce abortion access in Texas’ ultimately forcing many abortion clinics to close.” (08/30/21)