The Curse Of Politics

Source: The American Conservative
by Chilton Williamson Jr.

“For many centuries, politics has been the interest and enjoyment of politicians, a class of humanity that, so far from being superior to other men, has often been plainly inferior to them, intellectually and morally. … A century ago, not even political journalists considered politics the elan vital that makes life worth living. The most famous journalist of the period was H.L. Mencken, whose political commentary owed its charm, authority, and richness to his extensive interests across the fields of politics, literature, music, philosophy, philology, anthropology, theology, the natural sciences, and medicine. His interest in politics had scarcely anything to do with narrow issues of policies, bills, and legislation, the vast majority of which he dismissed as futile at best, utopian at worst, and above all an obscene waste of energy, time, and other people’s money.” (06/03/21)