The Carl Watner Story

Source: Agorist Nexus
by Carl Watner (edited by Wendy McElroy)

“I concluded that high school was a waste of my time, and that public schools were socialism at its worst …. I applied to Raymond College …. There I encountered the same teaching of collectivism that I found in my local high school. Here are my first comments from Mr. Wagner, who taught me ‘Introduction to the Modern World’ (I did, however, earn a ‘Satisfactory’ in his course): Your case is tragic. You are obviously unusually bright and dedicated to tenacious work. You could be a brilliant scholar. Regrettably, you are unteachable. You are so thoroughly ideology-bound that you distort all ideas and information into a support of your ideology or a subversion of it. Even the effort in this letter is being wasted for it will not be seen as an effort to release your potential but an attack on your ideology. I am sorry, Carl.” (08/30/21)