Hurricane Ida: Flood, Wind Damage Threats Push Inland Over US South After Category 4 Landfall

Source: The Weather Channel

“Hurricane Ida is pummeling southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi, and its dangers of damaging winds, rainfall flooding and tornadoes will only spread inland over the South over the next few days. Bands of heavy rain containing strong wind gusts and storm surge flooding along the coast continues as far east as Alabama. However, the worst conditions continue to be in southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi, near and to the east of the center of Ida. … Power lines and trees were downed in the New Orleans metro area where wind gusts up to 99 mph have been measured. Damage was captured on video in the French Quarter, and in other parts of the city. The winds knocked out power to all of Orleans Parish …. Ida is expected to weaken to a tropical storm by Monday morning, then tropical depression by Monday night over Mississippi.” (08/29/21)