Thailand: Protest on wheels in capital seeks regime’s ouster

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

“A long line of cars, trucks and motorbikes wended its way Sunday through the Thai capital Bangkok in a mobile protest against the government of Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha. The protesters on wheels hope their nonviolent action, dubbed a ‘car mob,’ can help force the ouster of Prayuth, whom they accuse of botching the campaign against the coronavirus. … Prayuth initially took power in 2014, when as army commander he launched a successful coup against an elected government. He continued to hold power when he was named prime minister as head of a coalition government after a 2019 general election. … Large-scale protests against Prayuth’s government began last year, with three core demands: the resignation of Prayuth and his government, amending the constitution to make it more democratic and reforming the monarchy to make it more accountable.” (08/29/21)