The Democratic nostalgia for John McCain

Source: J.L. Cells
by James Leroy Wilson

“[H]ere’s what I don’t understand about progressive admiration for John McCain, or for foreign interventionists in general. There’s something very close to bigotry going on with them. While the struggle for equal rights goes on in America, the U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment behaves as if people overseas have no rights at all. We shed tears for our neighbors who can’t afford life-saving drugs, then support economic sanctions that deny medicines to people overseas for the crime of living under a ruler that the President doesn’t like. We fear the rise of religious extremism on our shores, yet continuously try to overthrow secular leaders in foreign countries …. We oppose, or at least have grave concerns about, the death penalty for fear of wrongful convictions and executions, but have no such qualms when drone strikes supposedly targeting ‘terrorists’ kill the innocent.” (06/02/21)