What Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Understand about CEO Salaries

Source: Founation for Economic Education
by Walter Block

“The Chief Executive Officers of the nation would be justified in singing along with the Coasters’ 1950s rock and roll song ‘Why’s everyone pickin’ on me?’ (Officially known as ‘Charlie Brown.’) Needless to say, Sen. Bernie Sanders is leading the pack, as per usual, baying for some CEO ‘blood;’ well, money. In his latest initiative he is on the warpath against CEO salaries. The Senator from Vermont (Socialist) wants to limit them to 50 times the amount paid to the median worker in their corporations. Why 50 times and not 40 or 60? If you ask this question, you are obviously anti-worker (woikah, as we say in Brooklyn) and thus should be cancelled.” (06/02/21)